Janiuay Water District History

Janiuay Water District (JWD) was created by virtue of Sangguniang Bayan Resolution No. 70, Series of 1982. It became operational on November 18, 1998 pursuant to the issuance of a Certificate of Conditional Conformance No. 226 on November 8, 1982 by the Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA).

JWD is a government-owned and controlled corporation by virtue of the Supreme Court decision under General Resolution No. 91-237-38 dated October 31, 1991 and is under the audit and personnel jurisdiction of the Commission on Audit and the Civil Service Commission, respectively. LWUA supervises its formation and exercises control over the WD as mandated by the Provincial Water Utilities Act of October 14, 1973, also known as PD 198.

The primary goal of the agency is to operate an efficient water system that could ensure adequate supply of safe, potable and affordable water to its concessionaires. It is also tasked to maintain, improve and expand its pipelines and service connections to the different barangays in the Municipality of Janiuay in order to serve more households in its area of operation.

At present, the District is extracting water from 5 dug wells with the use of 3 electric powered submersible pumps and 2 motor driven centrifugal pumps at the rate of more or less 1,000 cubic meters a day. Another well with an output of 7 li/sec is under construction at Brgy. Guadalupe. It has a 300 cubic meter capacity concrete ground reservoir located in Brgy. Golgota and its pipelines extend to the Municipal slaughter house in Brgy. Matag-ub in the north, to Brgy. Tolarucan in the east, Sitio Bantayan, Brgy. Bongol in the west and part of Brgy. Gines in the South. Before the end of this year, we will extend to as far As Brgy.Patong-Patong in the north. It has also a newly constructed PVC lined ground reservoir located at Brgy. Damoong with a capacity of 200 cu.m.

From January to June 30, 2010 alone, the district was able to distribute 201,982 cubic meters of potable water (chlorinated) to its concessionaires. Inspite of the El NiƱo experienced last summer, the water district was able to supply water to its concessionaires either by transmission/distribution pipes or by delivery using its water tanker. The district is presently serving a total of 1,731 concessionaires in 24 barangays and still counting. Average monthly consumption per connection is more or less 18 cubic meters per month. To cope with the increasing demand for water service, there is an exigent need to further expand and improve the present facilities of the District. The present expansion project being implemented is expected to benefit some 9,580 individuals from 2,031 additional connections by the year 2015.